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Progress, Excitement, Anticipation!

We're so close, I can practically taste it (it's slightly sweet, and I wish it were as minimally distracting as Traverse).

There's more nervous excitement right now than at any time since starting the Last Mile Endurance journey, and it's because things are finally coming together. It's been one thing to get a domain, build a website, file some paperwork, and pay a few fees, but the entire tone of things changed once we started cutting purchase orders for the ingredients that will become the product you put into your bottle.

It's exciting. It's real, and it's actually happening.

The ingredients have all been blended, our packaging partner has been filling the pouches, and in a few days it will be ready for you to try, and hopefully find as much benefit from as we have! It's unbelievable to me that we're this close to the line, and with so few surprises along the way.

I truly cannot wait to introduce you to Quarry and Traverse, with their simple (but effective) objective: quality ingredients, minimal flavor, easy on the stomach, and a low cost per workout.

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